Our Student Advisory Board's (SAB) purpose is to consult and collaborate with SDS in order to better the experience for students at the University of Iowa through advocacy, education, and awareness, and to promote the values of diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Students in the SAB represent various stages of academic pursuits and work together to build a strong and sustaining, student voice within SDS.

Board members support and adhere to the SDS mission.

Advisory Board Vision

Committing to collaborative change and continuous growth, by impacting students with disabilities and the larger UI community.

Advisory Board Values

Diversity, Empathy, Equity, Growth, Inclusion, Integrity and Respect

These values demonstrate our multi-faceted approach to our core beliefs and hopes for this board. We stand by them and hold ourselves accountable, through conversations that include practicing them. We commit to these guiding principles that inform how we interact, represent others, and raise awareness about disabilities on campus.

SAB Members commit to serving one academic (1) year, meeting regularly, representing SDS at campus events and joining committee efforts.

If you want more information about the SAB, please contact Access Consultant David Rooney: david-rooney@uiowa.edu