Common Accommodation Descriptions


Students and instructors are encouraged to review the list of common accommodation descriptions. SDS is dedicated to helping students find and implement reasonable academic accommodations. The accommodation process involves input from both the student and the instructor. To determine appropriate accommodations SDS engages in an individualized inquiry that balances the needs of the student and the academic objectives of the course or program.  Instructors are not required to provide accommodations until the student has presented a Letter of Accommodation (LOA). Please let SDS know if you have questions or need clarification. 

Allow audio recording of class

Student may audio record lectures and discussions. The student is responsible for providing their own recording device. Video recording classes is not...

Class Notes

The goal of the Class Notes accommodation is to ensure that students with qualifying conditions have notes comparable to what they would take if their...

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Accommodations

Academic accommodations are available for students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (Deaf/HOH). 

Please note: Interpreting requests for events outside...

E-text for required textbooks

Accommodations are available for students who require alternative media formats such as enlarged text or OCR-compliant PDF documents for required text...


Student has a disability that may impact their ability to produce in-class writing assignments or exams that are correct in terms of grammar and/or sp...

Large print

The material should be available with enlarged text such as 18 point with bold font.

Preferential Seating

Student may require preferential seating in the classroom. The actual location will depend on the individual student's needs.

Priority Registration

All students who have completed their SDS intake will qualify for priority course registration. 

Use of a calculator

In some cases, students with very Specific Learning Disabilities in math (Dyscalculia) may be approved to use a basic 4 function calculator in class a...

World Language Substitution Courses

Some students have a disability that may prevent them from meeting the world language requirement. SDS has an agreement with the College of Liberal Ar...