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World Language Substitution Courses

Some students have a disability that may prevent them from meeting the world language requirement. SDS has an agreement with the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the Tippie College of Business to consider providing substitution courses for this requirement based on a recommendation from our office.

For most disabilities a measured impact of the disability specifically on learning a foreign language must be established.  A letter recommending substitution classes is typically not sufficient.  The documentation must measure why learning a foreign language is more difficult than other academic tasks that are less impacted by the disability. Typically, this requires a complete Psychoeducational or Neuropsychological testing battery, current within the last five years or completed using adult testing norms. Anxiety about taking a foreign language class or speaking a foreign language in class is not considered a disability in this regard, nor is lack of preparation or recent exposure to a language.  Please contact for additional information or before having any testing done in support of this request.

Students are encouraged to begin the process of requesting substitution courses for the World Language requirement early in their academic career.  It may take time to obtain the necessary documentation for this accommodation and to make the arrangements to complete the substitution courses with the help of an academic advisor.

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