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What is the Letter of Accommodations (LOA)?

The letter is a document generated by the student via SDS's Student Portal that ensures a student has a documented disability and has been deemed eligible for specific academic accommodations. The information on the letter is confidential and should be treated as such. Continue reading...

Posted August 4, 2017

I'm having issues with an exam accommodation being proctored by an instructor? What do I do?

If you are having issues with an exam being proctored by an instructor or have any other questions or problems concerning an exam accommodations, please contact your Accommodations Coordinator right away. Continue reading...

Posted August 2, 2017

If a student is taking an exam at SDS, when does it need to be at the SDS office?

Instructors can email or drop off the exams at SDS during business hours. SDS must have the exams in possession 24 hours before the exam is scheduled. Continue reading...

Posted August 2, 2017

The structure of my class includes both quizzes and exams. For what tests will the student need to receive the exam accommodations?

Exam accommodations apply to all tests regardless of length. If you are giving quizzes followed by lecture, devise a plan to include the student's approved extended time on the quizzes without missing your lecture. Continue reading...

Posted August 2, 2017

How are exams proctored at SDS?

All rooms at SDS are proctored remotely using cameras and a monitor. Continue reading...

Posted August 2, 2017

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