What is the Letter of Accommodations (LOA)? 

The letter is a document generated by SDS that ensures a student has a documented disability and has been deemed eligible for specific academic accommodations. The information on the letter is confidential and should be treated as such.

Please do not provide accommodations to students without this letter.

How to process these request(s)?

As an instructor, you are asked to provide or arrange the accommodations for a student in your class who presents the Letter of Accommodations to you. The procedure for processing these request(s) is as follows:

1. Review the letter with the student and discuss the specifics of each accommodation request.
2. Instructors should provide testing accommodations for students whose testing accommodations are solely 50% extended time and/or reduced distraction seating. 

Strategies for Proctoring Exams

  • Allow extra time before and/or after regularly scheduled test time.
  • Finish and/or take exam in a departmental office or conference room suitable for testing.
  • Be flexible– allow student to take an exam at a different time and/or date if appropriate.
  • Check with Classroom Scheduling (reg-exams@uiowa.edu) to identify a neighboring classroom without a subsequent arriving class where the test can be administered.
  • Allow TAs to proctor exams in separate room for students requiring testing accommodations.

For accommodations beyond 50% extended time and/or reduced distraction environment:

Instructors have the option of using SDS Exam Services. Go to Exam Services Guidelines for more information.