Eligible accommodations are listed on the Letter of Accommodations for each student. Any accommodations with an asterisk (*) following it indicates that the instructor can schedule for the student to take exams at the SDS office.

Eligible to Schedule Exams at SDS?

If the instructor would like to utilize SDS proctoring services and the student has an accommodation with the asterisk (*) included next to it, the instructor needs to complete this form:

  • Request Form for SDS to Proctor Exams - Regular exams must be scheduled 7 days in advance. Final exams must be scheduled 21 days in advance.

Not Eligible to Schedule Exams at SDS?

If the student does not have an asterisk listed next to their accommodations, they should test with the instructor/department or at the testing facilities on campus.  To schedule a test in the testing facility proctored by Distance and Online Education (DOE), instructors can find more information at the following link: 

Need Assistance?

Please refer to Exam Services Guidelines for more information. For Exam Services questions, please contact sds-exams@uiowa.edu.