Rights and Responsibilities

University rights

  • To identify and establish the essential components of academic classes and programs and to ensure that accommodations preserve these essential components.
  • To evaluate students based on the established standards for each course
  • To request, receive, evaluate and implement the current documentation needed to support a request for reasonable accommodations
  • To select among equally effective and appropriate accommodations, adjustments, and/or auxiliary aids in consultation with students with disabilities
  • To refuse to provide an accommodation, adjustment, and/or auxiliary aid that may pose a direct threat to the health and safety of others
  • To determine the adequacy of documentation for establishing a disability, to deny requests for reasonable accommodations that the documentation does not support, and to deny accommodations to students who do not provide documentation of their disability, or whose requested accommodations are not reasonable

University responsibilities

  • Ensure that academic courses and programs are accessible to students who have a documented disability unless the accommodation required would impose a fundamental alteration of a program or activity of the University of Iowa.
  • In a reasonable manner, providing instructional materials in accessible formats for use by individuals with documented disabilities
  • Maintaining appropriate confidentiality of records and communications regarding disability.