Students in the College of Law, College of Dentistry, and Carver College of Medicine MD Program need to contact their respective colleges for accommodations. If you are seeking Housing Accommodations including Dining and Assistance Animals apply on the Medical (ADA) Accommodations webpage through University Housing and Dining
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    Apply for accommodations.

    Applying for accommodations is a two-part process:

    Provide us with documentation from your health care provider. SDS will review your documentation and contact you regarding your eligibility status. In order for us to review your documentation, you must be a current University of Iowa student, or a prospective student who has accepted an offer of admission by paying the acceptance fee. Some disability categories require testing that is recent. See Documentation Guidelines for more info.

    The director reviews the recommendations in the professional report submitted on the student’s behalf and determines eligibility for services.

    Please allow two weeks from the time all materials have been received for this review to be completed, and four weeks for accommodations related to final exams.

    If you are seeking Housing Accommodations including Dining and Assistance Animals apply on the Medical (ADA) Accommodations webpage through University Housing and Dining.
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    Check your University of Iowa email account for SDS communications regarding your application status.

    Once your eligibility status has been confirmed you will be assigned an Access Consultant in our office and invited to schedule an intake appointment to discuss our services.

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    Once approved, call or email us to schedule an initial meeting.

    Once your receive an email regarding the status of your application, you can schedule your initial meeting with your Access Consultant by calling us at 319-335-1462 or emailing

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    Attend an initial meeting with your SDS Access Consultant.

    During the Initial Meeting, your approved accommodations will be outlined and letters requesting these accommodations for specific classes can be completed by you and your Access Consultant.

    For more information about what to expect during this meeting visit our webpage that describes the initial meeting.

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    Each semester, generate your Letter(s) of Accommodations.

    Each semester you will need to generate your Letters of Accommodations (LOA), which you can access through the student portal on the SDS website.

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    Share your Letter(s) of Accommodations with your instructors and meet to discuss how the accommodations will be implemented in their course.

    You will take this letter to the instructor for each class for which you will use accommodations and work with the instructor to determine how the accommodation will be provided. You do not need to reapply each semester for accommodations.

    Many accommodations work best when there is an explicit plan and agreement between the Instructor and student. It is ideal to have this plan in writing so that it can be referenced throughout the semester by both the student and instructor. Access Consultants use an interactive process to support students in advocating for their accommodations and developing plans with instructors.

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    Your accommodations are now set up! Reach out to your instructor and Access Consultant if you have questions throughout the semester.

    Contact your Access Consultant if you are having difficulty receiving an academic accommodation or would like to talk about your accommodations.

Accommodation decision review process

To appeal a decision regarding an accommodation you are seeking, please feel free to contact the SDS Director at 319-335-1462. If you remain unsatisfied with the response please contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity at 319-335-0705 (voice) or 319-335-0697 (TDD).

Accommodation implementation grievance process

If you believe that an accommodation approved by SDS is not being implemented fairly please consult first with your Access Consultant so we may intervene on your behalf. If this does not resolve the situation you may file a grievance with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity at 319-335-0705 (voice) or 319-335-0697 (TDD).