Student Disability Services (SDS) supports graduate students across many areas of the University of Iowa. Students in the College of Medicine (MD Program), College of Law, and College of Dentistry need to contact their respective colleges for accommodations. See below for more information. 

  • Carver College of Medicine MD program: contact the Medical Student Counseling Center (MSCC) the  Student Handbook has relevant policies . 
  • College of Law: request should be made to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs. See the Student Handbook with relevant policies. 
  • College of Dentistry: contact Assistant Dean for Students, or 319-467-4395
  • If the student is enrolled in the Carver College of Medicine MD program, Law School, or Dental School and taking course work outside of your college please consult with Student Disability Services. 

To apply for Student Disability Services (SDS) accommodations follow the SDS Application process.

Graduate students are encouraged to reach out early to engage in the interactive process for accommodations for degree requirements such as:

  • Clinical Experiences including Clinical Placements and Practicums
  • Qualifying/comprehensive Exams
  • Externships
  • Exams, Boards, or other external examinations related to your degree

Work-Related Accommodations

For information regarding workplace accommodations for Graduate Teaching and/or Research Assistantships, please visit the Graduate College Health accommodation page.