Exam proctoring support: steps to proctor exams with accommodations

New for summer 2022: SDS exam scheduling is now incorporated into the Proctor Exam Portal (PEP).
Please schedule all exams using PEP in ICON.

  1. Students give LOA to instructors and discuss their accommodations.

  2. The instructor can proctor exams within the department or through other arrangements, but if proctoring assistance is needed, instructors can use the Proctor Exam Portal app within ICON to schedule at either NCTC (216 CB) or SDS (141 UCC) depending on the student’s accommodations.

  3. Confirm exam scheduling by checking the Proctor Exam Portal for scheduling details.


  • Setting up an exam in PEP will not add extended time or change testing windows.  Instructors will need to edit that separately.
  • When creating a new exam, it is best to choose All Combined Sections.
  • Schedule the exam with a large window so that students with extended time can find a time to test in the testing centers.
  • Exams should be uploaded using the Proctor Exam Portal at least 24 hours before the exam.
  • It is best practice to schedule exams 7 days in advance and 21 days in advance for final exams.  Space is limited.


  • Exams could be proctored virtually. Please see Tips on how to provide testing accommodations remotely for suggestions on ways to provide accommodation virtually.
  • Utilize resources available in your department/college. Check with Classroom Scheduling (reg-exams@uiowa.edu) to identify a neighboring classroom without a subsequent arriving class where the test can be administered.