Academic Coaches work with students with disabilities to provide regular coaching sessions focusing on helping students develop strategies and skills for academic success.

Student Disability Services piloted an Academic Coaching program for the Spring 2021 semester.  The program was a success and has been renewed for the Fall 2021 semester!  

The service is offered to students registered for classes at the University of Iowa and is available at no cost. Academic Coaches will assist students in skill development in the following areas:   

  • Executive functioning such as juggling multiple tasks and planning/prioritizing   
  • Self-advocacy for navigating their college experience  
  • Self-management for academic and career paths   
  • Interpersonal communication skills  

Our Fall 2021 coaches are: Alison Casella, Rachel Duray, Dia Paudyal, Livia Umeda, Natalie Knapp, and Maggie McGhie.

For students who are already registered with our office and are interested in meeting one-on-one with an academic coach, reach out to your Access Consultant; email: or call 319-335-1462.  

If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact Vickie Houser at or click here for a link. 

The Academic Coaching program is possible through a generous gift from a private donor.