You will have access to generate your Letter of Accommodation(s) (LOA) after you are registered for accommodation(s) with Student Disability Services and have completed your initial meeting. The Letter of Accommodation(s) is the document you share with your instructors to let them know that you are registered with Student Disability Services.

Generating your Letters of Accommodation (LOA)

  • Open MyUI.
  • Log in to MyUI using your HawkID and password.
  • Click the "Student Information" tab located in the top yellow header.
  • Click the "Course Accommodations" link under the “Courses and Grades” section.
  • Select the correct "Session" from the top right drop down.
  • Select the accommodation(s) you would like to use for each of your courses.
  • Then select, "Generate LOA" for each course in which you would like to use your accommodations, this will download a PDF file to your device.
    • Starting Summer 2023, the primary instructor will receive an email within 24 hours informing them of any LOAs generated for their course.
  • Share your Letters of Accommodation(s) with your instructors. Students are responsible for engaging in the interactive process by sending out their LOA's and communicating with their instructors.

*Important Exam Accommodation Note:
For courses in which you are requesting exam accommodations (such as extended time), SDS recommends generating a letter for each section (lecture, discussion, lab, etc.) of that course. The exam scheduling software, the Proctored Exams Portal (PEP), will only work if you generate a letter for each section of the course.