Remote proctoring

Remote Proctoring often uses technology to ensure exam integrity and testing security.  Some students may express anxiety regarding taking exams remotely. Student Disability Services recommends having conversations to discuss expectations and how remote proctors or AI technology may be used, but final grading is decided by the instructor. Student Disability Services Exam Services is available to consult.

Possible accommodations or situations to discuss before remote testing:

  • Resources allowed during testing: scratch paper, memory cue, notes, etc.
  • Need for testing breaks: standing, stretching, looking away from the screen, etc.
  • Access to food, water, or medication
  • Technical Issues: extended time not showing, exam ended abruptly (loss of internet), etc.
  • Reporting questions or testing issues during or after the exam

Additional time

Here are links that explain more about adding additional time on ICON:

Use of a computer to read or write the exam

Many students already have technology on their own computers that allow them to achieve their accommodations. Students can do a free download of Read&Write Gold through the ITS website.

ITS has information regarding the technology available for online proctoring.  There are a few options:

Please note that these applications will not allow the use of additional assistive technology to be used during the exam.  If students need to use assistive technology during the exam, instructors can proctor using Zoom and get support through the UIowa teaching guide on proctoring with Zoom.

Testing environment

Students are taking online quizzes/exams in their own environments so they can choose their location and manage distractions themselves.

  • Reduced Distraction Environment
  • Allow short breaks during class or exams
  • Please along wall on in a corner of reduced distraction room
  • Adaptive lighting for exams
  • Adaptive furniture for exams
  • Ability to vocalize during exams


Instructors should adjust the test duration according to the student’s accommodations and be flexible with the time of day.  

  • Extended time (any amount)
  • No evening exams
  • No morning exams
  • AM exams only
  • No pop quizzes
  • Take in-class quizzes beforehand


Instructors should speak with the student regarding these accommodations and possibly alter the format of the exam to help accommodation the student.

  • Alternative format for exams such as braille/enlarge word/PDF
  • Scribe for scantron (not an issue for online exams not requiring a scantron)
  • Examinations over multiple sittings
  • Scribe for essay exams

Assistive technology

Many students already have technology on their own computers that allow them to achieve their accommodations or can download them for free from the ITS website.

  • Use of computer software to read exam text (Read&Write Gold)
  • Use of computer software to enlarge text (Assistive Technology)
  • Use of CCTV/magnifier for exams
  • Use of computer software to record answers (voice recognition)
  • Use of computer to record exam answers