Exam Services

To determine if a student is eligible to take exams at SDS, refer to this list.  

Student and Instructors, please note the following instructions and guidelines:

  1. Each student is responsible for consulting with his/her instructor regarding exam accommodations by presenting the Letter of Accommodations (LOA) to the instructor.  Working together during this time, testing accommodations should be planned and scheduled.  If the request is approved and scheduled by SDS, both the student and instructor will receive an email to their UIOWA account confirming the exam.

  2. Regular exams must be scheduled with SDS one week prior to the exam date.  Final exams need to be scheduled three weeks prior to the exam date.

  3. SDS Exam Services hours are Monday through Friday from 9:00am – 4:00pm. Exams cannot begin before 9:00am and must be completed by 4:00pm.  (Note: SDS Exam Services will be open extended hours during final exam week.)

  4. Exam materials must be delivered to SDS Exam Services at least 2 business days before the scheduled exam. SDS Exam Services allows the drop off and pick up of physical exam materials during SDS regular hours.

  5. If exam materials are not received 24 hours before the scheduled exam, SDS will cancel the scheduled exam.

  6. SDS Exam Services will adhere to the test times submitted on the Request for Testing Accommodation form. Students must remember the dates and times for exams and are expected to arrive at SDS at the time indicated on the form.

  7. If a student is late to a scheduled exam, the end time will not be extended.

  8. If a student is unable to take a scheduled exam, the student must notify SDS Exams Services AND the instructor as soon as possible. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor to reschedule the exam. (SDS will reschedule the exam at a time that is agreed upon by all parties.)

  9. SDS will not supply scratch paper to students.  Please include it with the exam, if necessary.

  10. All personal belongings and/or any materials not indicated on the Request for Exam Accommodation form must be stored in the designated area.

  11. Once an exam begins, students may only leave the testing room for a quick restroom break or if breaks are allowed as a designated accommodation.

  12. No food or drink is allowed in the testing room unless it is a designated accommodation.

  13. If a course is dropped for which exams have been scheduled at SDS, please notify SDS as soon as possible. Other students may be able to use the time and space that was reserved.

  14. All SDS testing facilities are monitored by closed circuit cameras with recording capabilities.

  15. The University of Iowa takes the issue of cheating very seriously. If cheating or other academic dishonesty is observed or suspected, the instructor will be notified immediately. The University of Iowa Code of Student Life can be found at http://dos.uiowa.edu/policy-list/current/student-responsibilities-6/code-of-student-life-2013-2014-academic-year/.

For Exam Services related inquires, please contact sds-exams@uiowa.edu.