Exam Proctoring for Remote Learning 

The SDS office will be functioning virtually and by appointment only for fall 2020.  Exam proctoring will be available using technology and remote proctoring.  Exam services is available during normal business hours to answer questions and help facilitate proctoring.  Since each exam will take time to coordinate, it is best to schedule early.  We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we work to provide each student with the accommodations they need and the exam security requested by instructors.

Steps to proctor exams with accommodations

  1. Find out what accommodations are needed for each exam
    • Instructor and student should discuss what accommodations are needed for each quiz or exam.
    • Being eligible for an accommodation doesn’t necessary mean that the student wants to use it for every exam.
  2. Discuss ways to provide these accommodations
    • Please see below for suggestions on ways to provide accommodation virtually.
    • DOE is offering in-person proctoring for students needing ONLY Reduced Distraction Seating and/or extended time. You can schedule with them here.  https://teachonline.uiowa.edu/services/exams
    • To consult on additional accommodations, email sds-exams@uiowa.edu.
  3. Confirm testing arrangements and expectations early in the semester.

Ways to provide testing accommodations remotely:

Additional time 

Here are links that explain more about that:

Use of a computer to read or write the exam

Many students already have technology on their own computers that allow them to achieve their accommodations. Students can do a free download of Read&Write Gold from ITS.  https://its.uiowa.edu/rwgold

ITS has information regarding the technology available for online proctoring.  There are a few options:

Comparing all three:  https://teach.uiowa.edu/respondus-vs-proctorio-comparison

Please note that these three applications will not allow the use of additional assistive technology to be used during the exam.  If your students need to use assistive technology during the exam, instructors can proctor using Zoom.  https://teach.uiowa.edu/sites/teach.uiowa.edu/files/proctor_with_zoom.pdf

Helpful resources:

Testing Environment 

Students are taking online quizzes/exams in their own environments so they can choose their location and manage distractions themselves.

  • Reduced Distraction Environment
  • Allow short breaks during class or exams.
  • Please along wall on in a corner of reduced distraction room
  • Adaptive lighting for exams
  • Adaptive furniture for exams
  • Ability to vocalize during exams


Instructors should adjust the test duration according to the student’s accommodations and be flexible with the time of day.  

  • Extended time (any amount)
  • No evening exams
  • No morning exams
  • AM exams only
  • No pop quizzes
  • Take in-class quizzes beforehand


Instructors should speak with the student regarding these accommodations and possibly alter the format of the exam to help accommodation the student.

  • Alternative format for exams.  Braille/Enlarge Word/PDF
  • Scribe for scantron (Not an issue for online exams not requiring a scantron)
  • Examinations over multiple sittings
  • Scribe for essay exams

Assistive Technology  

Many students already have technology on their own computers that allow them to achieve their accommodations or can download them for free from the ITS website.

  • Use of computer software to read exam text (Read&Write Gold  https://its.uiowa.edu/rwgold)
  • Use of computer software to enlarge text (Assistive Technology)
  • Use of CCTV/magnifier for exams
  • Use of computer software to record answers (voice recognition)
  • Use of computer to record exam answers

For Exam Services related inquires, please contact sds-exams@uiowa.edu.