Access to knowledge is our thing. When it comes to higher education for promising scholars, we don't want anything to stand in the way. That's why Google is proud to support the work of Lime Connect since 2008. Google is committed to helping the innovators of the future make the most of their talents by providing scholarships and networking retreats for computer science students with disabilities.

Recipients of the 2021 Google Lime Scholarship will each receive a scholarship for the 2021-2022 academic year and the opportunity for a virtual “Google Lime Scholars” gathering in Summer 2021 to connect Scholars with each other, Google Scholar program leads, other Googlers (including Google Lime Scholars from previous years), and the Lime Connect team. Candidates will also be considered for software engineering internship opportunities with Google.  Scholarships will be awarded based on the strength of candidates' academic background and a demonstrated passion for computer science - $10,000 for those studying in the US and $5,000 for those studying in Canada (based on tuition costs).

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